Master link versus riveted

Three of us have WR's and all have riveted chains from the factory build. Two of the bikes need new chains and sprockets. How many of you carry around links, and a chain section, and a chain break for repairs. Also how well do the chain breaks work. We all woods ride and wonder if it would be better to have all these items to support a riveted chain, or for that matter a chain with a master link.

A split link is well up to the job for a dirt bike,just make sure you carry a spare.Rivet type links are a must for streetbikes though! :)

Stock chains rocks! :)

Keep the chain in servise limit and you will never have any problems with it. You do not need to cary anything, chanses to brake DID Xring chain are smaller smaler that to brake your trany

I just keep a spare master in my pack and if the chain goes I send someone back to the pits to get my 114 link chain. I just keep a spare that is the right length. If it were a multiple day ride someone may have to carry that heavy chain. I have never had one break. I have had the master clip wear to nothing. :)

Buy a portable chain breaker too . . . if you have all the stuff Indy carries plus the chain breaker you can fix any chain related issue!!

Be prepared!!!

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