Renthal Twinwall Opinions

Just curious which bend the taller riders were running and if you had any problems with the extra rigid bar, extra vibration or anything?

Man, I cant remark to much on the Twin Walls since I like the added flex of the FatBars. I was going to try them but a buddy of mine said they had some problems with people breaking them as they were to stiff, dont know how true this is but I figure that you want some give when you are coming down. Also, I run the Ricky Carmichael bend bars and rotate them forward and they feel really really good I am 6'5". I havent installed taller bar mounts but I have added Tall seat foam. I can tell you that I have an 02 CR125 with Tall foam, Tall Bar Mounts, RC Bars and the 1/2" lowered foot pegs and man when I get on my YZ it feels way cramped. I am thinking of adding some 1/2" dropped footpegs and am waiting for the taller bar mounts to arrive from Emig Racing and then my little thumper should feel real comfy.


I love the renthals but they are really stiff. Talk about arm pump the first couple of rides. I love them now though( even though I have to run 909 protapers). My tapers are really nice too. I run the Carmichael bend rethanls or the Team bend 909 tapers(the team bend is the carmichael bend). The tapers flex a little more. Now the renthals are the only bars that I have had crack though, I didnt even crash on them but they cracked on the bar right where the cross bar clamps on. But renthal replaced them for free. So if you want really stiff bars go renthal twinwall or the Pro Tapers :):D

Back in my day we did not have any of these new fancy named handle bars. Why we had to go down to the local Auto wreking yard and take the tie rods off old StudaBakers and Caddies.

We Was Men Back Them

And yes we walked bar foot in the snow up a hill in a storm to get to the Auto Wreakers

Man, I don't know that much about the Renthal Twinwalls, but I do know about the strength of Tag's T-2. I used to run regular Renthal's, and had to live with thier average crash performance. After spending over $240.00 on them in just ONE weekend, I couldn't take it anymore. I was talked into trying out the Tag's, and I have never been happier. After 4 years, I am still on the original pair, and I still load test them regularly! And the other proof that I know of, is when I went to a local Areacross race, in my own opinion, there had to have been about 75% of the bikes using the Tag's! The Pro's are paid to use thier products, where as, us amateurs use what works! Tag's are STRONG!!!

I run Windham bend Twinwalls and Love them. On my second pair ( Only because the tie down hook on the trailer broke and my bike flung off the trailer and onto the shoulder of the road at 40 mph. They still didn't bend hardly at all though. They are very rigid, but the feel is still nice, and they have survived everything without bending.

I had a pair of Twinwalls and cracked them on a low speed crash. Renthal replaced them for free but I was advised they no longer are gauranteed not to crack / bend. I changed to Pro the $$$$$$$$$$

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