is this a good bike

i can get a awsome 503 VOR dirt bike. want to know what kind of power they produce and if they are a good bike.


Atleast he didnt say cannondale


No Idea, Actually sounds like a super hero in a comic book

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Man, are those the funky bikes with the backwards kick starter?

Not to be negative, but I have also looked at some ofthese exotics. I would love to own a TM because it has all of the trick stuff on it stock. But man what do you do when that bike takes a huge dump? You wont find parts to fix it or you will be waiting a month or more. Do yourself a huge favor and buy something like a CRF450 or KTM 520 or a YZ426 and enjoy riding.

I have a friend who's a VOR dealer. I've ridden the 450 but not the 503. The 450 made decent power, more XR400-ish than the 426. A friend and I did roll-on drags between the 450 and the 426 and there was no comparison, the 426 would fly away. The 503 supposedly made better power and definitely turned better than the 450 (different frame) but I never took a first hand ride.

I did meet the VOR factory owner and their factory mechanic last year on the Colorado 500. They are in the business for the long haul. The owners were here last year on a "fact finding" mission and spent the better part of a year trying to find out what 'Murricans wanted their bikes to be like.


from what Ive read, the VOR is pretty, but odd. It really depends on the person I guess. But as far as power goes, that 503 is supposed to rock. The problem was in the euro set up (ie. steering set for 100+ stablilty) Im thinking if you can get it cheap why not.

i just read in motocross action its the biggest flop of the can forget about trying to turn it..handling sux, power is good but what good is that if you cant put it to the ground and steer the thing..


Is it a VOR 503mx or Enduro?? My neighbor has the enduro version. All I can say is this bike rocks. I rode it down a powerline road and I easily hit 90-100mph(it had a speedo on it). It was a little shaky cuz my neighbor is 6'5" 245 and im 6'1"170 so it was a little stiff for me. It mad old 4 stroke style power. It cam on hard but it didnt rev as hard or as fast as my 426. It was a really smooth motor. like i said though it was an enduro version so i dont know how different the MX version will be. I am going to Borrow his bike and have the suspension set for me and try it in a grand prix race. Oh yeah the forward moving kick start is easy to use and it starts really easy hot or cold. In my opinion the enduro version is a great and very reliable( we have put about 150 hours on his bike with not problems. But I havent ridden the MX version - Its a Great bike in my opinion - hopes this helps :):D:D

hey wasnt it a vernmanti that they said was such a flop? if it was vernmanti and vor are 2 different companies

Where would you even get parts???

I don't have a dealer within probably 4 states.

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