Ego, Ego, Ego

Who said anything about approval?

I merely said I dont disapprove of your recent behavior. Im sure you have many other onerous things to worry about. Other than my approval that is.

Question: did you ever get your bk mod question figured out? I set the pump timing screw with the bike running, strange but it responded best with an adjustment that was different than recommended here. Just curious.

HEY! I posted some smiley faces in there! I got gypped!


Yes = BK

I was curious and thought it was odd I did not have to make any other changes to the timing, The thought did come to me "MayBe I did Somthing Wrong"

And Then I woke up Ha :)

And I thought you were tring to make Nice :D

I was, Im just not good at it. Doesnt seem to payoff, at least not on a motocross course. :)

:) Well

Lets start over with

The BullS&%&t stops when the green flag drops :D

Group HUG :D

Ya gotta go and get all gooey all the time with the whole group hug thing. Tell ya what, go kidnapp some of Hugh Hefners "buddies" and we'll do the group hug thing.

But not before :)

Its nice to see that you seem to be on message as opposed to flinging hackery about.

You brought a smile more than once this morning.

Good luck and stay safe :)

This dont mean were buds do it :)

He He

Well I am glad I finally meet with your approval

such as it really dosnt matter :D

[ April 08, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Shawn Mc and EgoAhole,

I hate to interrupt your group hug, but I had a stupid question for a guy who thinks he knows so much about a 426. What is a BK mod? Go ahead and throttle bash me,but please let me know,as I may get some more unexplainable HP. Thanks Lawdog


Man And I just appologies for dissing you

Are you talkin to me, ya must be talkin to me, Cuz Im the only one standin here

Oh Wait Your not talking to me you meant SHawn OK

I get it now I will play


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