05 wr 450's

Im planning on getting a new bike in the fall, either a

wr 450, or a 450 crfx.. The problem with the hondas valves

is leaning me more to the wr..I would imagine the key shearing problem should be taken care of on the 05s..

I understand the Yamahas valves havent been in need of

adjustment for several thousand miles..Does anyone know

whats in store for the 05s..? any other problems you think

they should address for 05?? The Yamaha motor seems to

be more dependable than the crf..True ??

Thanx in advance for any replies..

Im 45,215 lbs an just like to trail ride and singletrack,

I want to street legal it also for running short sections

of highway between trails...

Don't know what's up for the '05 WR's. I would imagine they'll be about the same but maybe with the larger '04 YZ forks (hardly a necessity for trail riding). The woodruff key problem was taken care of in the '04 model with the redesign of the starter drive. As for the CRF450X I have yet to see anything definitive that it will even be produced much less when??? To my knowledge Honda hasn't made any official announcement - just rumors.

What is the difference in the valve assembly that makes

the wr,s clearence hold longer than the hondas? I see guys

with the crfs already putting new valves and springs on

fairly new bikes because thet are continuously going to

0 clearence..

I think it may be because Yamaha uses a 5 valve head they can use smaller valves and still obtain the equivalent airflow. The Honda has much larger valves but there are only 4 of them. Whatever the reason it's extremely reliable. I've had 3 4xx's and none of them have had any valve problems whatsoever.

Yamaha has a superior valve train design! No arguments there. :)

2005 WR450F? I heard talk of an Aluminum Frame.:) Not like the Honda's. It is suppose to look similar to a conventional frame, but with boxed tubing and lots of gussets.

The Honda head use rocker arms. Yamaha does not. I'm not sure if this is the problem, though.

I don't believe anyone knows the exact cause of the valve issues that appear to be plaguing the CRF's. I know these forums are only a small cross-section of all the bikes out there, but there are way to many people on the CRF board experiencing this problem and spending major $$$ to address it for it to be a random problem. What's really funny is that I have had somewhat heated conversations with CRF owners that have apparently convinced themselves that replacing an entire valve set and springs on a 6 month old bike is "acceptable" maintainence and "the price you have to pay to ride the best machine out there". uh........OK? The real bummer is that the CRF is a great bike when it's working 100%. I actually prefer it's mellower motor (vs. the YZF) that makes the bike easier for me to ride. But, I can in no way rationalize spending $6k + on a bike that could potentially have such a major design flaw that would require spending a ton $$$ for aftermarket valves, new springs, machining the head........What's crazy is that some of those poor people keep having the problem reoccur even with the new parts. You would think that by production year #3 they would work those bugs out in the factory. Makes you wonder if it has something to do with the unicam design they are using? :)

Does anyone know if the new 450 will be lighter? I'm at the point of switching back to a 2-stroke for a while until they come down in weight.

I think the off road 450's will plateau at 240 lbs. dry and more top heavy weight than a 2 smoke.

Look how long the 250 2 strokes have leveled off at 220 lbs. They weighed that much back in the 80's.


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