Sudco or Edelbrock?

I want to make some more power with my 650R. It's unkorked and has a pipe and header now. I want to do a cam, carb and big bore kit. I am a little uneasy about the big bore kit, not a lot of info out there. So I figure get the carb anyway and maybe the cam.

So the question is Sudco or Edelbrock carb? Thanks for the input.

I've got an Edelbrock on my 650 and like how easy it is to make adjustments on.

I just installed the edelbrock and took it out for its first ride on Saturday. I did 63 miles and am very happy with the carb. By the way, I have a Hotcam on mine and like it a lot also. Have fun.

Edelbrock. Had mine for about a month and a half and love it. :)

Mikuni*TM40 140 main, 27.5 pilot, 1.2 air jet, Y-4 needle jet, 4th pos. on the 90JY1 needle

Only get this carburetor if you are a power hungery rider. :D It is not as eazy to tune but, it does deliver a little more power then the Edelbrock. Once you have the Mikuni dailed in it is real eazy to start and has more of a punch in the low and mid range. It will run a little longer then the stock carb. with the bike on it's side but, not anything like the Edelbrock. That is the 'carb.' to have if you crash or lay it down. Eedelbrock will run better at all altitudes and if you have it tune right you will never have to mess with it again. :)

just when I thought we had a clear cut winner.....

Haha, just kidding, sounds all is positive about the Edelbrock. Now its time to buy. I think the cam and airbox mods and the carb should make a noticable differance from what I have read on here. Maybe I'll save the big bore kit till next year, gotta have something to look forward to I guess.

Thanks to all for input.

For Baja and Best in the Desert racing our teams wanted nothing but the best:

Over the last 3 years we have bought several Edelbrocks, pistons, big cams, a carillo rod, HD crank, kibblewhite head, pipes, electical work, suspension work, etc, etc... from


nothing but positive stuff to say about them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


and if i didnt feel so very satisfied with them--believe me--i would rant and rave on here for weeks....!!!!!!!

We have tried other shops--and maintain good relations with them--Baja Designs, Racetech, XR's Only, etc.--but hands down for real performance gains that will last in real world conditions at the best prices with first rate service--no one can compare Barnumspro in our experience!

For motor work on our bike nobody beats Rob Barnum. He is the only guy who races our bike--with the 680 kit--the only guy in the US that you can go to for one-stop answers. As a former Kawasaki team mechanic, founding mechanic at XR's Only, former District 37 Desert #1, Baja 1000 class winner, and most importantly a BRP desert racer-- etc. etc.--he is THE MAN for engine work on our bike.... :)

Our 4 Barnums built XR650R bikes have raced 5 Baja 1000's, 3 Baja 500's, and the entire BITD series--without any mechanical issues--thats over 15,000 miles of serious desert racing...!!!

Give Rob a call and ask about big bore kits, edelbrocks, etc. before you make your choice on what to do to the bike, and with whom...he's easy to talk to, and a wealth of free info regardless of what you end up doing...


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