graphics template anyone?

Do any of you Thumper guys have a template for tank and shroud graphics? I work in video graphics for a living but I want to design and print my own replacement stickers for my 98 WR400. The originals are pealing like crazy. I have tried searching the web with no luck. I thought maybe there is another graphics motohead out there (like myself) who has already done something similar. Thanks in advance.



When I make up clear covers for my graphics, I place a blank bit of paper over the tank/radcover, then using a soft pencil rub around the edges of the graphics.

Do you need any special ink/paper to print grahics, can I print stuff up on my Epson Inkjet?


Rik, I may try your idea or see if I can scan an aftermarket to get the size. I did a search on the web and found a forum just like this but for people in the printing business. They were trying to figure out how to get graphics to stick on a tank. They kept getting bubbles due to the vapors that seep through or out of the plastic tank and under the adhesive. There was a lot of talk about different adhesive plastic stock by 3M. If the pros are having a tough time I can imagine what I am in for. I was going to start out by going to a local printing company and getting the design printed on good thick sticker stock and then putting a big 3M clear cover over the whole thing and hope for the best. I also hear about vents or small holes in the stuff you can buy now that helps with the venting. Might try that. I would be surprised if it works well but what the heck, you have to start somewhere and what is currently on my bike isn't going to last the rest of the season. If worse comes to worse, I will just stick the aftermarket graphics on and call it mother. I will let you know what happens if it does. Time is tight this summer and riding has priority over looks. Also, I doubt the home printing would work well. The biggest problem would be fading and yellowing of the print, be it on clear plastic or even paper. Who knows, this is all new to me. Please someone out there prove me wrong or right if you have the answers.


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