Damaged Radiator Question

Mylers in Utah did an awesom job when i broke mine. very good price and 1 day turnaround. call them at 1800 367-7699.

I have both side of the radiator for sale, for

$140 a side. They are in near mint shape.

Yamaha rips off their customer on the price on their parts. My car's radiator doesn't cost that much and it is a whole radiator not a half radiator like the bikes.

I am glad that my 450's radiator only costs $94 to replace it brand spanking new. :)

I had the stupidest crash resulting in a slightly tweaked right radiator. It has weeped a little fluid and I heard the fluid boiling by the time I got back to the truck (presumably due to lower pressure from the leak reducing the boiling point).

Question is: can the radiators on these be repaired at all or do I just have to part with the $140 for a new one? (I don't have it off the bike yet to assess the damage)

Where did you find one for $140?

Ya thats a really good question, where did you find one for 140?

Yes they can be fixed. There is a guy with an ad in Cyclenews in Fontana Ca. Also a guy in Utah that is supposed to do a fantastic job, but I dont have any experience with them. Good luck.

IMHO, these guys (Myler's) are the class of the field. I've had a couple of rads fixed by Terry and company and they've always done what they said they would do when they said they would do it. Their prices are very reasonable as well.



Oops, I must have been thinking about a used parts sale post that appeared on here, Partsfish.com has them for $210 for the assembly. Ouch.

Really stupid part is the crash was a tip over on a hill climb that I didn't make because after checking my valves I put the exhaust cam back in with the timing a few teeth off resulting in less power. Damn I hate it when I'm dumb.

Thanks for the link to the repair shop, $35 sounds a lot better than $210.

Mylers has fixed 2 radiators for me over the years and the work was great! Price was good, too, and it beat the heck outta buying a new one.

I just squished my left one in a nice 50ft slide. Didn't break it though. I will be ordering some guards this weekend. If they won't mount up then I will definitely call those shops. $200 for a radiator. OUCH! :)

For those of you who have had this done (the repair work):

Do they return the radiator to its original shape or just make it so it doesn't leak anymore? Reason I ask is the grey plastic piece that is on the front of the radiator (air direction fins), bent with the radiator. If the radiator gets straightened out I'll need new ones, if they just patch the hole so it quits leaking, I'll reinstall the bent one. Please advise.

Myler's will do what ever you want, but most of the time they will straighten the radiators to just for alittle more.

I would let Mr. Myler know what you want done. He has done several for me that were bent and leaking and they looked brand new when returned.

Leaks fixed for around 35.00, leak and straightening around 50-65.00.

Here is his website http://www.motorcycleradiators.com/

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