Got it running

This site is great for learning from others experiences.I had originally posted that I had a weak spark problem.I got some good advise and followed up on it. Everything checked out ok. After reading some of the other posts on the float level and checking idle mixture screw setting I went back thru the carb. That did the trick,I rode for three hours today. This thing is a beast. Its very muddy in southern Ohio this time of year,but it was a great ride.

I am in Northern, KY. Where do you ride?


I'm glad your study and efforts paid off in a great ride. This afternoon (after church) I replaced a horn switch, wired in a headlight switch and then waited for someone to drop off some stuff. No ride. :)

My wife and kids took off for a concert in Tucson and I can't fall asleep. :D

Take Care :D


I live in Waverly, Ohio it's about 40 minutes north of Portsmouth.We ride on some trail between Waverly and Lake White.Also ride the river bottoms by the Scioto.There is a APV area in western part of Pike Co,it's run by the state.I've been there a couple of times.Is Burlington near Maysville?


I appreciate your help on the electrical troubleshooting.Sounds like your bike is a true dual sport. My bike had a lightand speedometer but has been taken off.I'm going to get it street legal.I've been looking at those baja conversion kits,do you have any input.

Thanks, Hambrick


In live in AZ and it is very easy to Dual Sport the BRP. No turn signals are required. Ohio may not be as easy.

I rewound the stock stator myself.

Installled a regulator/rectifier for DC voltage, along with a large capacitor for a load (no battery).

Did my own wiring for brake/tail light and horn circuits and that was it.

If turn signals and battery powered lights are required in Ohio,then a kit may be better for you.

I don't have experience with the Baja Designs kit to know if it is the best.

Fishbone, Where do you ride? We are in Lex. We go to S-Tree and Turkey foot a lot. We are planning to go to Cave Run, been there?


We ride at Big Rock near Maysville, KY. Eagle Creek near Dry Ridge, KY. I have been to S-tree once this past January and rode in the snow. We also go to Hanging Rock, OH ORV. We will have to get together for a ride sometime in the next month.

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