Alpinestars Tech 8's -- ABSOLUTELY!!!

You should always buy the best you can!

However, I have a set of tech 8's as well....(second pair actually). I broke my leg (right above the ankle) from a slow tip over and slide down a hill. Yet, I too, have landed hard on the pegs, to the point where I am almost brought to tears from my ankles being thrown down...only to 10 mintues later, never know it happened!

I too swear by the Tech 8's. They have saved my ankles at least 3 or 4 times already this season. I have done some real hard landings on the track as well as hit stumps and rocks in the hills and these boots have keeps me going. Thank you AlpineStar for such a well designed boot.

i too, love my 8's. :D i need some more of those gel thingies or plastic thingies to custom fit the bootie though then they can be better!

any spy photos or information on the tech 9's?? :)


you can buy an alpinestars tech8 "gel insert kit" (~US$10.00) from -- it may take some searching but they are there on the same page as the replacement buckles etc.

the wrooster

excellente'! :)

The Alpinestars Tech 8 are the Finest boots

made bar none. I have owned several pair and

also owned some Sidi, AXO, fox forma and Gaerne

and none of those can hold a candle to the 8!

By the way I heard they are going to be called

TECH 10 and won't be available until next Oct

at the earliest..They will be very pricey! Over

$425. That is what an Alpinestars Rep told me.

It is going to be hard to improve on the Tech 8

so it will be interesting to see what Alpinestars

has in mind..oh yeah, they are still making the

Tech 8 even when the Tech 10 comes out. Also he

told me that there will be a price increase coming very soon on the current TECH 8 of between $10-15. :)

I tried on tech 8's and didn't like the feel as much as the tech 6. Is the tech 6 pretty much the same boot just with out the inner liner or not.

Gentleman, take my word for it, Alpinestar Tech 8's are an absolute must have item. Yesterday while racing, I went for a double jump and the guy in front of me didn't make it. He cased it, and flew off of the track. Just as I became airbourne, he tried to re-enter the track right in my intended landing zone. Upon impact, my right ankle got hiper-extended by hitting his bike. It thru me off of my bike, and I did a major digger with my head. Even before impact, I knew this one was not going to be good! Well, as you can imagine, my ankle swelled up to about the size of a cantoloupe, and so off to the hospital I went (and believe me, I don't like goin' unless the bone is showin'). Today I saw my bone specialist, and he looked over the X-rays and proclaimed nothing to be wrong. Then he took one look at my ankle, and had to do a double take!! He said he had to look at the X-rays again, because he had never seen so much trauma with no actual bone or tendon damage. He looked, and looked, and couldn't believe his eyes. He even questioned if they were the right X-rays! "You are one lucky son of a gun!" he said. Well, gentleman. I am here to tell you that they were only one day old boots, and without a doubt, they saved me from some serious surgery, and rehab. So, from now on out, I will be purchasing new Tech 8's (Tech 9's soon, I checked!) every year. And when it comes time to sell my one year old boots, I will let you guys know. But for anyone who really wants that extra piece of mind, I can't recommend highly enough, to go and buy Tech 8's, you will never regret it!

The Tech 6 is easier to put on and more like

all the rest of the boots out there. But it is

NOT as Supportive as The Tech 8. It is an excellent boot for the money but for Support

the Tech 8 is the way to go.

The 8's also have the metal buckles and the replaceable sole for those of us who can't afford to buy a new set of boots every season. The 8's also have the bootie thing. Do the 6's have a bootie?

I love my dog but I aint gonna kick him in the Ass and wear him as a boot


I have been debating on the 8's but until now I was undecided..

Yes, I too was told originally, that the new Alpinestars would be called Tech 10's. Then I talked to another Rep, and he said they were going to be called Tech 9's, and that it was taking them much longer than anticipated, due to pending approval from the AMA (American Medical Association)! And yes, they are going to be expensive. They will also keep the Tech 8's, due to a lower price. They did say that they hoped to have them on the market this fall. Thats all I know.

I don't believe the 6s have the bootie. I can say that the top of the line fox boots have the same liner as the 8's only it is sewn into the boot and they are cheaper. I'm 99% sure Alpine makes these boots for fox. I currently have a set of Tech 8s and I like them a lot but I don't think there's much difference in quality/construction between them. As far as the replaceable sole plate goes, I always end up wearing through the lip that holds it in necessitating a full change out of sole anyway.

Bottom line is I'd feel comfortable with either.

My .02

Originally posted by Oregon Thumper:

The 8's also have the metal buckles and the replaceable sole for those of us who can't afford to buy a new set of boots every season. The 8's also have the bootie thing. Do the 6's have a bootie?

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