*FREE BillyWho Man Funnel for XR650R

The first to email me at bryan.bosch@thumpertalk.com, it's yours! You pay shipping, but it should only be $3.85 USPS.


BillyWho kicked down a few extra as a sponsor and I haven't come across any XR650 riders at the track of late... :) The only requirement is that you need to come back and post what your thoughts are, good or bad. Sound reasonable?


Gone in 12 minutes! :)

Seems you are interested in feedback on the manfunnel for the BRP: here's my 2 pesos worth...

They are a good idea--but the one for the BRP is not well designed. Its to hard to reach the lower bolt if you have an aftermarket skid plate--they should have added an inch or so of reach to it...same with the frame down tube bolt...as a result i always end up with lots of oil all over my frame!

Some type of buffer/foam between the manfunnel plastic and the frame would have been a nice and usefull touch....


I'm not sure what you mean by add an inch or so to it. Are you talking about the reach/length of the round trough part? It really can't be any longer, it already hits the case on the end of the trough under and around the drain bolt boss to create the seal. I am going to redesign the frame rails so they stick out of the bottom of the trough like the CRF250 ManFunnel does instead of off to the side where it can interfere with a skid plate bracket possibly. You should be able to trim the frame rail tabs on the funnel enough to clear the bracket as is, but the new design will solve that problem. Can you send me a picture of the funnel as you have it in place so I can se it?


Hey, I just bought a 1.0 version B? Man Funnel (I feel weird typing "Man Funnel" does that make me funnel phobic?) You mean to tell me there is already a 2.0 version coming? :) I thought computers were bad! :D


lol, just type it as one word "manfunnel", that makes it less threatening I think :). I've wanted to do the 2.0 version right after I released the 1.0 but haven't had time. I will work a deal for those that want to get the revised version when it comes out, but it is going to be a bit before I can get to it. Is the one you have now working good for you?

Hi Mr. Funnel!

I will try to send a pic of what i am talking about--but i just got the digital camera and i am sort of techno limited on that front right now--but i will try.

Sounds like if you are thinking of a v2.0 then you are hip to my tweak.

How 'bout adding a little rubber edge-like the thing i use to wipe down the glass shower door-that would wrap around the rails-trapping any oil drips? Just an idea.

Also-its hard to grab the bolts jsut before they wanna shoot out with the current design...just tryin to help!

Its a very good idea!

And thanks for following up.

I've been using the 650r model of the manfunnel on my xr400. I had to tweak on the frame clamp-on part a bit. As irondude suggested, a piece of foam rubber or some other other sealer would be good. I get a bit of oil dripping out the inside part onto my skid plate. I think the crf450r version has this setup. Overall, very good product

Hi Billy,

Thanks for the update on the 2.0 version. I just picked up your funnel last week and have yet to put it through it's paces. I had already sprackled my garage floor for the last time with my most recent oil change. When I was at the dealer getting some stuff I saw your funnel there and ("Ugh, Look. Shiney Object. Me Like. Me Need. Me Get. Ugh".) picked one up. I do have a dremmel and a hot glue gun...maybe I'll modify mine...Bwa Ha Ha Ha! ..."It's ALIVE"! :)

Hiya billywho! I ordered the manfunnel from you and used it on my 2002 650R without any problems at all. If fact, I also used it to refill the bike! :) When you come out with version 2.0 I will take advantage of your deal so I can keep one in the garage and have one for the road!

I have a billywho? manfunnel (okay, how in the HELL did he come up with that name???) and it works great. Even with my aftermarket skid plate. No problems there. I only wish it would also work on the downtube drain bolt. Did "billy" realize there was a drain bolt there when he designed the funnel? Oh well. It makes draining the bottom easy, and is awesome when filling the oil. Best piece of plastic I have ever owned, except maybe for pink floyd's "dark side of the moon" on vinyl.


I knew there was the front drain bolt, and I was going to make an extra clip piece for that bolt but everybody I talked to from mechanics at the shops to a few guys that have the 650 said it really wasn't needed as it points downward already and goes straight into the oil pan. I can make a clip on piece like I have for the YZ250f for the BRP when I go back and improve the cuurent design. What does everyone here think, is it needed or would it be nice to have that feature with this funnel? To see what I'm talking about go here www.billywho.com and look at the YZ250f pictures on the front frame drain.



Here's some different thoughts on the oil down tube drain. If a person is changing their oil on a stone cold bike, most all of the oil should come out the drain on the side case based on my experiences. I simply let my bike sit for a short while with the funnel in place and all the oil is drained into a graduated polypropelene beaker so I know exactly how much oil has drained. Nothing more comes out of my downtube if my bike is stone cold and I get the full amount of oil drained into my beaker. My bike has the White Brothers skid plate and there are no fitment issues and not a drop of oil is spilled.

If I change the oil while the engine is warm or hot, then I'll first drain from the oil down tube and I simply hold the funnel up close to the down tube drain bolt to direct the pour into my beaker. Afterwards, I'll drain the gearbox from the case bolt into my beaker.

I simply pour the same amount of new oil back into the bike with another graduated beaker. Actually, I'll pour ~80% of the oil in, then slowly kick the bike over a half dozen times with decomp lever pulled in and pour in the remaining 20% of the oil, otherwise it won't all fit at once. Then I warm up my bike and double check my oil levels before I'm done.

I used to have two funnels, one for my shop and one for my trailer, but a friend of mine seen it in action and couldn't leave without it :)


If your ever close by the shop here again let me know and I'll flow you another one, I hope your friend at least bought lunch :)

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