TM Designs Chain buffer evaluation

I've had one on my bike since it was new and yes, it's very noisy. I've even had someone come running up to me after leaving the track to warn me that something was wrong with my bike!! I've only noticed it being noisy though when I'm off the gas and after a year of riding, it shows very little wear! I think it's worth dealing with the noise. I just try and stay on the gas more! I'm running an X-ring chain and wonder if chain type makes a difference in the noise factor!?

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This thing is precise, slick, fits well and sturdy. That said, I hate it. Its so freakin noisey that its actually distracting. The chain slap sounds like a fircracker going off, and yes the chain is adjusted properly. Anybody else have part and same result?

I just put the TM buffer and guide on last week... and after 3 hrs of testing....


but, I put automotive "GOOP" (glue stuff) between the swingarm and the buffer so that the buffer can not flex and slap the swingarm!

I do not notice ANY more noise than stock! I used a seringe to fill the gaps, and even put a bit of goop behind the vertical strap, on the side.

I would say this is A MUST DO!!!

I did not even test without the GOOP, because I can see the chain pushing or flexing the buffer onto the arm... and that is where the noise is generated.


Hey that's a good idea with the goop! Where do you get a syringe to squirt the stuff in with?

As for the x-ring chain, with the stock slider min was actually much quieter with the x-ring than with the stock chain. Then again I replaced both at the same time so a worn buffer may have been more noisy than the new one. Anyway, maybe I'll try a TM and some goop for my next one. :)

I have a few boxes of syringes in my shop to get oil or loctite in tight spaces.

I used one without the needle, (just the tapered part that the needle sits on) and was able to fill all the gaps!

I could send a half dozen out if you can not find anything.

I shall goop. Goop is good. I really hope that works, because, I really hate that noise. It reminds me of the connecting rod coming out the front of my XR. Not pretty.

So goop it is. They make several kinds of that goop now, which kind did you use?

Hey if they don't sell those things in drug stores to the general public (do they?) then I would love to trade you a brand new tube of moly grease for a few syringes (I had to buy a case so I have a few extra tubes). Deal? :)

No Problem! I have a 30 gallon drum of mobil grease, so I'm all set there! But thanks!

send an address and I will send you a handfull.

would you like the needles as well, or just the syringe tube? they are all sealed in bags, in tubes, like they have at the Dr.s.

Please don't try to draw any blood though. :)

I'm afraid of needles. :D

I used automotive GOOP! but I have used the Marine Goop as well, and I think it is the same stuff in a different label :D

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No needles for me, just the syringes are fine. I'll shoot you and email. Thanks!!

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