Need help with drain plug

Looks like I've over-worked the drain plug.

Most of the threads are gone in the case.

Should I Heli-Coil it, or does anyone make an over size plug?




I think personally a case split and heli coil is the best bet but thats me

You could probably get an automotive plug and retap the thread, but your going to have to be really sure about the shavings.

Now ask yourself, do ya feel luck punk? Do ya?

HEY Man, I gots ta know,


the choice is yours.

Dave-Ouch! I just had to extract a case drain bolt from a 99 400F. It wasn't pretty. Took heat, an easy-out and a punch tapping in the counterclockwise direction. I was never so glad to see a bolt give up in my life! When she broke free, she was finger loose all the way out.

Now-Back to your problem. I'll state my fix here strictly as my own personal opinion/well-educated guess. What I would do if I were in your shoes and wanted to get out as easily as possible is to place the bike on a stand in the upright position and then drill and tap to the next largest size metric thread (from 8mm-9mm, I think). The drill will extract its own filings for the most part. The tap should be run in only a couple rotations at a time and then backed completely out and cleaned of all shavings. Once the new hole is entirely threaded, I would run at least a couple quarts of oil through the case to flush out any renegade filings that may still be lingering in the area just inside the hole. Remember, a magnet won't do any good on those aluminum filings. Good luck, man! :)

Oops-Forgot to mention that the Kawasaki magnetic drain plugs are one thread size larger than the YZ's, so you can replace your current plug with a Moose or MSR magnetic drain plug.

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Put grease on the tap. Most of the chips will stick to the grease.

Dave, if you go with an insert, a Timesert is way superior to a helicoil.

You guys are studs!!!

Thanks for all the great advice!!


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