2001 WR426 upgrade options?

I just test-rode a 2001 426 yesterday. I really like the bike, except for 3 things. No e-start, which I know I can't do anything about, a hard seat and a too-loud stock pipe.

Are there any suggestions for a softer replacement seat (I'm sorry, I'm past the point of standing all the time...)? Also, how about a good after market silencer? Are there any that bring the noise down but retain good power?

Any feedback is appreciated.

Oh, one more thing. I rode the bike for about 20 minutes in trails and sand. I 'stalled' it once while hot so I could test starting it. It started fine (one kick). One thing I didn't get to do was the real world 'test' of dropping the bike, flooding the carb, and then seeing how it would start when flooded. How does it start after it's been laid down? (And maybe stays down for a minute or two?) I really don't want something I'm going to have to kick 10-20 times to restart.



stock pipes are quiet as a mouse, so I guess the one on this bike just needs repacking (if it's the repackable type.. not sure on this one). I fall off heaps (normally trying to get up hills I shouldn't have attempted), so have plenty of experience starting the flooded 426. If it wont go 1st kick with the hot start simply hold it wide open throttle with the decomp pulled in and kick it over about 5 times. This will pump any excess fuel thats in the engine out the exhaust. Then just start it normally with the hotstart.


"Guts" foam seats are the best !!

Simon, I thought you died... :)

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