Motoman393's "new" site

Well I finally got my site moved to a new server. John (EgoAHole) has been really helpful and he is hosting my site on his own server! I am going to leave all my old site URL's (so people using the search feature can find my link for BK mod, Blue wire, etc, it will just redirect you to my new site) Let me know how it looks, and if you have any suggestion feel free to email me. Make sure you thank John, he is letting me use his server space free of charge! Well I just thought I would let you guys know, because I am excited! Later,


Hey EGO......

That is SUPER cool!

Just helps me prove my point that even "US" crazy ppl are not just freaky but pretty damn helpful sometimes.


You crack me up!

I think if I met you that you would remind me of ME!

G :D:D:D:D:D:D:)

Oh Man Motoman Now ya did it ....

That was part of the deal, You were not supposed to say I was a nice Guy, Man just blew my whole WEB persona :)

Arrrrrrgghhhhh What wil Shawn MC and Hootna Say Now :D

nah nah nah nah, ego is a big softy :)

Just tring to keep the nations youth off of drugs

Garret, What was the address of your sight?

Sight? man Im loosing it. Site

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