FMF Mega Max info

Hey everyone, I figured I would type up a quick review of the FMF Mega Max muffler for the XR600. I have one on mine, and have recently taken out the quietcore insert (was running it with quiet core insert, and 10 disks), now it is running with only 5 disks, I have noticed a great increase in torque, I can pop the bike up for a wheelei no sweat in 2nd gear at very low rpm (not a good idea to do a lot, because it lugs the engine). The Mega Max has one of the most unique sounds out there, I have heard everything from the E-Series, the Factory 4, the T4, even the Carbon Pro series; out of all of these, the Mega Max has the most unique sound. It is not as low pitched as the others, and I have yet to try the others, but for my XR600 it works great. If you are running with a Mega Max muffler, try opening it up and taking out the quiet core insert and keeping in only five disks, it gave mine a lot more power, and throttle response. NOTE: the decibels put out may raise by about 4-6 with the quietcore out, so be warned. -Matt

I had a MegaMax on an XR400 and loved it. It held up well in 3 seasons of GNCC but it was loud as hell. I have the quiet core, discs, and end cap if anyone needs them. PM me and they are yours for the cost of shipping.

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