What brand/type of sprockets/chains do you guys run?

Most of our riding of late at least is in mud,sand and lot wet trail riding.Original chain and sprockets have lasted 3,000 K's.Looking at renthal sprockets and D.I.D X-ring chain? Also what gearing? 14/50 now, may change to 15/51or52. Riding varies from open fire trails to tight trails and big hill climbs so looking for a gearing somewhere mid range.

I'd stay with steel sprockets, especially in a sandy/muddy enviroment. As for chains, I always say get the best you can afford. I have a plain o ring on my bike, was on it when I bought it, and I'm pretty happy with the way it's been wearing. I run 14/50 gearing (just changed from 15/50), and find it's pretty good all round, although 1st is pretty deadly doing rocky hillclimbs. When you are changing you chain, I'd take the time to replace the chain slider and isolate it from the swingarm with rubber/sikaflex. A small price to pay to protect your swingarm.


Regina OS Gold with Ironman sprockets that are incredible. You will not believe how long the sprockets last and therefore the chain lasts longer as well. 14/50 stock ratio works great for tight woods and nasty rock climbs. :)

Sidewinder claims their matched system works the best. They are more spendy but their claims say they will out last the bike as they only use superquality materials and ... Was looking to replace sprockets and chain on my 426 but I am getting a new 450. Any thoughts or experiences with Sidewinders...anybody? My 426 is 4sale if anybody cares.

Regardless of what sprocket you get, don't get an aluminum one!!!

That 450 will eat it up!!!

Get something steel . . . I run a 52 Sunstar Steel with both the stock and a new DID O Ring.

Ironman are heat treated tool steel that weigh as little as an aluminum sprocket. You cant beat it! Try it and you will never go to anything else. :)

Sounds like Indy's got the scoop on the brand name to get!


Ironman gets my vote too. Check out their website...

ironman sprockets

So has anyone used Sidewinder before? They say all privateers use Sidewinder cause they don't have to replace chain and sprockets after every race due to worrying about breakage. Renthal gets all the sponsorships because they give the big guys free parts but the privateers need reliability and longevity. Jeremy McGrath supposedly used them when he was a privateer.

The Ironman link doesn't work, at least on my computer. How much for Ironmans?

The rears are $89.00 and the fronts are $29.00 and they come with a 1 year warranty that covers excessive wear. They also have chain/sprocket combo deals.

The website is www.dirttricks.com

Ok the link works now - must've been my computer or a busy server. Thanks for the info - looks like good stuff!!

Sidewinders chains are OK, the sprockets suck....and customer service sucks too. I tacoed the rear sprocket(hi-zoot laser-cut stainless crap) on a rock, they wouldn't even give me a break on the price to replace it. I went back to Al. and never looked back. Plus, I've never bent an Al sprocket(or normal steel ones)......

Does anyone have any info on the Primary Drive Sprocket kits from Rocky Mountain? They offer OEM steel sprockets or Titax sprockets with a Primary Drive chain. I am looking at the X-ring chain which has a tensile strength of like 8150. Also, I am considering going to a 14/48 or 14/47 set up for a more useable bottom end. Does anyone run this set up and what are the pro's/cons versus the stock 14/50 gearing? Thanks!

I have the Sidewinder Ti chainwheels/chain. No rust, no wear, and no $$ after you buy them.

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