Procircuit T4.....Ongoing saga!

Had decided to go with just the end pipe, due to many comments here and elsewhere regarding loss of low end grunt with PC header. NOW just been told this just not true!!!

Which is true? And is there any REAL difference?


call Rob Barnum and ask him!

and remember--the engine is an air pump--if one end of the engine is opened up it wont help unless the other end can handle it to ....!

In general an opened up header will decrease back pressure--that will translate to lower bottom end hit--but a bit more on top...ony if your engine is fully opened up and a bit built will a bigger header help out. I have switched back from a Big Gun Race header back to stock--and it runs better, hits harder, still pulls 15-47 gearing!

Yeah if you run at 3/4 throttle or more all day long, or you run a 680 kit, or race motard--maybe then a bigger header is really better for you--otherwise it borders on eye candy!

Lots of other $200 stuff will make your bike faster--like a cam, suspension work, carb, etc. : but the header sure looks cool!!!!!!!!!!!

call Rob Barnum and ask him!

: but the header sure looks cool!!!!!!!!!!!

Another vote for the Barnum's. :) I feel like I just made 2 new friends by how helpful they are.

And..Yeah! That header sure does look cool! :D After looking at my bike for 2 years I wanted to give her a new "Pearl Necklace" if you know what I mean. I thinks she likes the bling factor. I know I do. Eye candy fer sure, but I'm having fun! :D

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