Best place to get top-end parts

Since I am stripping my bike and painting my frame, I have decided to do the top-end on my 400. I figure since the motor is out and it's got a lot of hours on it, I might as well replace the piston/rings.

Where's a good place to get the parts online? Will I need to re-surface the cylinder?


Woo hoooo :)

OK, how about bottom en....nevermind! hehe :)

If you check in the ad section of any of the magazines or Cycle News, you will find a few discount parts houses. The thing to do is use one of the micro fiche sites to locate the part numbers before you call. You can call each one and compare prices as you go. Surprisingly, there are differences in prices between these different suppliers. Also, make damn sure you ask about shipping charges and taxes. ESPECIALLY shipping charges. Some will charge a premium on shipping and not the actual UPS price. By careful shopping, I estimate that I save about 30% minimum compared to what I would pay at my local mafia shop. Plus, I don't have to put up with their attitude that they are doing me a huge favor by allowing me entrance to their establishment.

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