03 yzf

hi guys has any one heard anything about the new 426-450 thats going to be cuming out i am thinking about ordering one soon and was wondering wot they r going to change any help would be cool its either going to be a new yam or a crf but would prefure the yz

Ya the threads are full of sh-Info here

Last we heard the 03 will be turbo charged, with fuel injection, They are folling cannondales lead and putting the carb where the exhaust is the exhaust near the shifter and the cylinder will be hung real low Up side down for wieght distribution. Also I heard the put a yz 80 fram around it and it wieghs 12 ponuds with gas and oil.

Oh Ya they say its a V8 This year Here is a Pic I found on the prototype

]Super Secret 03

Cool huh Iam gonna order one today

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