spliting the fork - need help

i have changed the fork oil the other day but i only opened the upper side of the legs. i want to do it again with spliting the legs to two. i saw the manual and it looks easy. i have air gun so i guess i can do it no problem, my problem is to reconnect them , i know the manual is good but need some peopele who has done it before to explain to me how to do it.

Just do it like the manual sez. Remove the circlip, pull the two halves apart. Remove the base valve with the air wrench and 14mm allen.

Reassy by reversing the steps.

It's really not that hard.


ok. it try to do it in the w/e, just to remind u that im a banker not a mechanic......

I work in front of a computer all day. I'm no mechanic either, at least not by trade. :)

I recently helped a friend pull his forks apart for the first time. He was astonished at how easy it really way. Don't be intimidated. If you have a digital camera, take pictures.


Actually, I use an air ratchet.. I'm just veeerrrrryyyyy careful. No problems yet.

you dont have to take the base valve out to split the forks..only if you want to totally dissasemble them,,to seperate the forks take the top cap off, pull the spring out, pull down the dust seal, pull out the circlip, put your foot on the bottom of the fork and yank like hell..usually comes apart on the second or third yank..just be easy to not mess up the bushings.. :)

You do not need the air-gun...... :)

Now come on an air ratchet is slightly less deadly. I do love the sound it makes as its stripping the threads, well you actually cant here it but it is guaranteed it will.

I think it was just a figure of speech though, but hopefully he dont take it literally. Or if he does make sure to use it to take it off and a torque wrench to put it on.

You might want to get a fork seal/bushing driver. Ive done forks without using them so it can be done. But I just did mine last fall using a driver and it is sooooo much easier. I highly recomend this tool. You might be able to make one out of pvc tubing. Just a thought.


I agree, but if you're splitting the forks, why not go ahead and clean everything up?

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