Street Legal

I am looking at making "big red tractor" street legal. I have looked into Baja Designs kit and another company ??? (can't remember their name)that provides a kit. I like the ????'s rear fender design. Does anyone have any the name of the company that offers an alternate to Baja Design and can you offer experience or advise for which of these two company provides the best kit?

i have the electrex kit on my 01 xr400 and it works great.. you have to buy a new bulb when you get it since you won't have enough power for it but besides that no complaints.. i went riding this weekend and dumped my bike pretty good and everything was still in tack. can't argue with that.

I have the BD kit on mine and I have no complaints. It was straight forawrd and easy to install.

I also have the BD kits on both my bikes and give it a :) as well. They're durable, simple to install, and all of the parts are available separately in case you break something.

I just installed the Electrex Dakar kit on my pig and it looks to be a high quality kit. The kit was missing a few bolts and 2 jumper wires so I had to go buy those. The instructions were a little vague and not current to the latest kit so I had to talk with them a few times on the phone. Total install time was about 4 hours and it looks awesome. Even with the problems I encountered I would still reccommend it.

Anybody know where I can find a front and rear wheel assembly? I'd like to be able to switch between dirt and street and not mix the two.

I have the baja designs 'quick change' type dual sport kit--higly recommended.

I just installed the Baja Designs kit. Went smooth and worked first time. If I had to do it again, I would have substituted the BD tail light with the UFO tail light with directionals built in. Overal very happy with package. Anyone have trouble with BD rectifyer preventing the right side panel from tucking in at the top all the way under the seat?

I installed the BD quick release kit onto my 650. The fit-up was perfect and the kit is easy to install. Since then I discovered the Trick Dual Sport kit, reviewed here under "MarketPlace". ( It appears to be the cleanest kit made.

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