which 200 off road better?

looking at a mids 90's Honda XR200 or Yamaha XT/TT225. Any opinions?

I am swayed to the Honda myself, but am open to opinions based upon experience w/ either of these two machines.


'99 WZ with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action (and then fixed by me), OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat, carb mods by Jim Dean, Andy in OZ, & Sir "Taffy" from Jolly Old England, AMA, NESC.

KDX :)


I can't imagine riding anything slower than my wife's TTR250. Its a great bike, but probably the absolute minimum you'd want power-wise. :)


'00 DRZ400E

It is for the "Chicks" in my house. My Wife rode a 2000 TTR 225 and was very comfortable on it. It took a huge effort just to get her on it. My Wife, Alisa, is 5'4". She thought getting something smaller, say an XR100, might be best so as to include my 13 and 11 year old daughters as well.

We already have a Z50 minitrail Honda.

My neighbor is selling a mint xr100 for $1,000 Mr Moneybags.


Check out the Women's Forum on dirtrider.net - lot's of good info. Specifically - go to Kalitude.com It's a DRN members page specifically for women.



Am I mistaken or are you CALLING ME A WOMAN?

Just because I wear a dress and answer to the name Betty, DOESN'T MEAN I AM A WOMAN!

Did you think I looked good out in Moab with my neon red and yellow "Retro" Alpinestars?


The xt/ttr-225 has about 40# on the xr. My wife is absolutly in love with her xr 200. She rode both and went for the xr because of weight (I was pushing for the E-button,disc brake). My daughter is now riding an xr 200(instead of the YZ 125), because of some foot surgery and is pretty happy as well. The only downside is top speed if Dual Sported ~55mph.

Kevin, I don't have to call you a woman. Everybody already knows that you are :)

Kali (creator of Kalitude.com) originally bought a TTR-225 and sold it to buy a TT125L. The 225 was too heavy & tall for her.


My girlfiend bought an XR200. She's 5'1" 120lbs. She has a little trouble due to the height, but the weight is great. She can pick it up pretty easily and it starts on first few kicks. It has plenty of power with her on it. I even enjoy putt'in around on it. Since I do most of the wrenching, I like its reliability and low maintainence.

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I got an xt225 Sero for my wife Jos. The electric start makes a big difference. I love playing on the 225 myself, it really feels like the bikes from the 70's and early 80's, low center of gravity and low seat height make it very stable. A good rider on the 225 can be hard to shake. The transition from road riding is easier on the Sero. The honda 200 is more of a modern style 4 stroke and needs to be ridden with the different style that has evolved with the long travel suspension. i.e. body upright, bike over and weight on the outside peg etc..

Once you go to the 250's you are generally looking at a larger frame and the power is seldom an advantage for a smaller less agressive rider. Jos rides a BMW R 100 GS PD on dirt roads and has trouble adapting to the different style needed for my WR. I suspect that the riding style your wife learns will have more to do with the choise of an optimal bike.

What about the sweet KTM 200???

The KDX. Hey Betty what are you doing Saturday night?

I agree with Bill - KDX.

It has to be the KTM200. It the king in this Class. : )

Are you saying that the ktm200 is a girls bike?

Harry, I don't know, BUT THAT'S WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE TO ME!! :)

If the KTM is a girls bike, I'm on my way the Victoria's Secrets. hehe :)

The KTM 200 is a very quick bike, I had one before my WR426 and it was just as quick. The problem was that the power came on in one hit.

In the end I recked it when I hit a tree at 50mph. Its no &%$#@! of a bike!!

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