Hey Guys,

My first post with a question regarding the stock muffler on a 650L. Just spent everything on getting the bike and can't afford new muffler yet. I cut the spot welds and took off the two bolts thinking I could just pull out the insides. Nothing happended. Is there another bolt somewhere or just get a bigger hammer?

Thanks in advance for any advice :)

They (xrlug Yahoo group) tell me that's all you need to do. If you didn't cut the little restricter bar out that is located at the end of the tip, you have something to grab onto to yank it out. I on the other hand cut that out before I tried to take out the baffle and hand nothing to pull on. I didn't want to totally bugger the exhaust up, so I left it alone. :)

Thanks slip! The resticter bar is still on so I'll just have to yank harder. I've been reading about the great mod's you guys are doing and can't wait to try them out on this bike. Just have to scrounge up another $500 :)

Thanks again for the info

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