Coughed then died...bummer

While practicing at Hangtown, my bike coughed then quit running. I looked down at the engine and saw radiator fluid running all over...but that's a different story.

I pulled the plug wire off the plug and stuck another plug in the wire to check for spark, nothin'. Anyone have any idea's of which expensive electrical part I may be replacing?



There's no telling. I would sit down with an electric meter and the manual and see if you can figure out which part is bad.


it sounds to me that there may be a short between the seat and handle bars :)

Serious did the bike have any other symptoms prior to the Haccccckkkkkk Putui

like low speed spitting, high speed spitting ?

I would suggest look at the coil connect frame ground and the any broken wire.

Outside of having the ignition tested, I am just guessing, Visual inspect would be the call as SirThumpy points out..... :D

Good luck

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Thumpalot has got it right, it isnt fun but I had an ignition problem on my Honda and it was 2 weeks old. You need to check all of the OHM readings for the kill switch and the ignition etc. I dont recall if there is a trouble shooting section for the ignition in the YZ manual but it has to be better than the piece of toilet paper that came with my CR. If possible see if you can borrow someones ignition module and see if that helps. It could be the kill switch shorting but all you need is to disconnect it should have a couple of connectors by the ignition. Also you did try another plug and made sure it was completelty seated in the cap.

I feel for you Ignition problems are the worst.

Oh and makje sure you are kicking / pushing with some force, if you push it through slowly you wont get a spark. Also use a good OHM meter, I had a real small cheapy one and it wouldnt give good readings.

By the way my Honda miraculously started to spark and I never knew what went wrong. It is running with no problems to this day.


Hootna made a good point disconnect the Kill Button from the bars, I have seen these short

Then chk spark

Shot in the dark

Thanks guys,

I'll let ya know if/when I find something out. And EgoAhole there was no other indication of something going bad. No sputtering or unusual behavior...'cept maybe when I cleared the 60'dbl.


Turned out to be a fried Stator Coil. Guess I let the bike idle a bit too long, a bit too often. $180.00 bucks later and I'm good to go. Thanks for the help guys, gotta luv this place. BTW, its a '99 yz400, so it had a few rides on it.


Man that is a lot of money, but guess it is worth it to get back on the track.

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