rear tire choices

what is the best rear tire for sandy,mud,moss,with little hard pack which tire do you guys thinks works best?110-100-18 can i run a bigger size also?riding a wr400

I run the Michelin M-12 for Sand/Dirt. They have the S-12 series witch is their Soft terrain tire, that has taller knobs for the soft stuff (up to 140/80/18 i think). The michelins are noted for good wear and durability. I think I have a 120/80/18 on my WR450, the M-12 is the most versatile. The michelin sizes are measure metric style, therfore only measuring the carcass width, not including the knobs.

The M-12 is a great choice. I could not believe the difference it made compared to stock Dunlops.

It was like getting a new bike all over again.

Ride fast - take chances

Get an IRC VE-33 5.10 x 18

It is an awesome tire for the conditions you described!

Hooks up in a great way in all terrain and wears well.

Goes anywhere in mud!!!

Sand, Moss and Mud! : Ride what all the eastern racers like Michelin S12 cant be beat IMO. 140/80 rear is actually a 120 and works great with the WR power. :)

S-12. It's the bee's knees for sure. I tried the M-12, and it was ok, but wore out FAST. The 140 S-12 hooks up in all conditions I have encountered, and lasts like I wouldn't have expected. I have 230 miles of racing and probably twice that of trail riding on my current S-12, and it's still in good shape. I'll probably get another two months out of it. :)

I really like the Dunlop 756, but looks like I'm the odd man out.

I ran the s-12 rear for a while. I went to the Bridgestone 402 rear and it will rip you arms off. MUCHO traction!


Had good luck with Dunlop 737 AT, (not a stock 737) Great results with a IRC VE-33 on both wear and traction. Replaced it with a 756. Initial wear on the 756 was more than I liked, but seems to be holding pat and a nice tire.

can i run a s-12 at 140-80-18 with out any rubbing?

can i run a s-12 at 140-80-18 with out any rubbing?

I run one on my 99 WR, the best tire around for this bike. I tried the M-12, it lasted about 100 miles before the traction went to heck, the S-12 has over 400 hard miles and sticks like glue :) plenty of room, no rubbing at all

Yes, provided you dont have a new chain and have it as short as possible, ie. have the adjusters wound all the way in.

I'm running a IRC 140/80-18 M5B Rear and having excellent results with it! I haven't found a better tire yet for mud and sand. Fills up the swingarm cavity nicely, but still with plenty of clearance.


I just put a VeeRubber Sport on the rear of my WR. For the price, I figured it was worth a try. It's great in the soft stuff, but sucks on hard ground due to the fact that it only has a centre knob every second knob, if u know what I mean.


I have been running the S-12's on front and rear and have been extremely happy. They seem to stick like glue in almost all conditions. They wear really well too. Rekless :)

I've used a Maxxis M6001 that hooked up real nice on my older bike. Since I've bought my 04wr450 which has a dunlop 739 on it I'm not really impressed with traction although the wear is holding up. Will put a Maxxis on it as soon as the dunlop wears out.

I'm runnin' an s12 rear on my 450 in similar conditions and have found OK but next time I'll look at puting on a Michelin AC 10.Anyone tried the new AC10 yet? I've got a Michelin Enduro comp front and don't have confidence in it in slippery hard pack e.g greasy moss trails.

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