Nitrogen pressure on rear shock?

I'm on a servicing rear shock job...what is the recommended nitrogen pressure to put in a 2000 YZ426 rear shock....

It was 90 lbs/sq inches at disassembly...seem pretty low to me....

Oh I'm 195lbs hare-cramble/trail rider if it's valuable info



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Take it to your dealer, they will do it for FREE

Stock the nitrogen is pressurized to 147 psi in the shock bladder but you can go a little higher than that. I just did mine the other day and went with 155 psi.


stock pressure is like 148 psi, Race Tech recommends 175 psi w/the gold valve (to help the seal head seal better). Dont try to check your pressure after you fill it or you will lose 15-20 psi just by checking it!

Somebody told me 175 a long time ago and that's what I've been running ever since....

I run our race tech stuff at 175. My GP-Racing done suspension is also at 175.

Do you guys find that the pressure drops as the years and miles go by?

Yes, it will drop.......


Thanks all, I'll go for 160-170...stock valving

BelRay HV1 5wt


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