Pig vs. Pumpkin?

Just wondering if anyone has dragged before with a 525 exc big pumpkin. Straight drag to 100mph

Even with that your talking a power to weight ratio advantage for the pumpkin. However, in the long run the 650 will eat them all up. Yeah, because I own one!! :)

PIG PIG PIG!!!!! ...Ok...what are we talking about? :)

Can't answer your question but I can say that I would go the 650 for sure even though I have never been on this "525" you talk of. Is it a trail bike? :D:D

i have a fully built racing pig- it will rather enjoys eating pumpkin whenever it gets the chance.

Curiously--in dead engine starts at the races--my one kick pig beats orange off the line consistently--even though they have the button--the kick starter actually gets the bike going faster---but in the odd chance it takes two kicks--i will catch the orange menace by the time we shift into 4th...then i will take the 15-47 geared pig into three figures speed zone and smile goodbye -- the roost then gets so bad they have to back WAY OFF!

so yeah-in a drag race the built pig will win....

sadly the lighter orange bike will catch my butt once it gets technical and the heavier pig starts to wear my skinny little arms down to mush...

I own both bikes and I agree with Irondude. In the tight stuff my 525EXC makes ground up and fast. Never the less I love both bikes.

Never raced any of the pumpkins but my bike easily beat a bunch of quads mostly raptor 660's and banshee's. :)

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