trail riding in southeast texas...

I use to ride in the Sam Houston National Forest about 10-12 years ago and back then all we needed was a spark arrestor. Does anyone here in the Houston area ever go there to ride, and if so, what is required?

Well I dont ride there but all you need is a spark arrestor, helmet and eye protection. I usually ride in Angelina but the rules are pretty much the same. I think Sam Houston has a trail system that is marked with bridges over all the creek crossings. If it has rained much you better check with the forest service because they do close down the forest. Hope this helps.

Norman K.

Here is the phone # to Sam Houston National Forest 936-344-6205 it is a message machine that says if the trails are open or not! All you need is a spark arrestor, helmet, and $3 to park on the trailhead!

Where do you live in Clear Lake (I used to live in Clear Lake, on Torry Pines )? I live in Friendswood now. Later,


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