Rally Pro Handguards and El Cheapo Brake Lever?? *DELETED*

Post deleted by Archadian

IMO the Acerbis Rally Pro handguards were the biggest waste of money I spent. The guards themselves and the mounting brackets are flimsy. The first time I laid my bike down with them, they bent. The aluminum in the guards is really weak. If you want a strong set of handguards, go with Cycra Pro Bends with the triple clamp mounts or the Fastway FIT system guards. They are very strong, and I haven't bent them yet, and believe me I've tried... unintentionally :).

A better deal would be the Tusk D-flex handguards ($50 from RockyMountainMC). I have these on two bikes, and have found them bulletproof. The aluminum braces in them are super strong, and the plastics are replaceable for $30 if you totally kill them, but I think it would take pavement to do that.

These guards don't spin on your bars as easy as Acerbis, I only managed to turn on once in a year and a half, and I had to whack a tree solid in second gear to do that much. With lesser guards, I would have MANGLED my hand, broke a lever and perch, and bent my bars. As it was, I was up and riding again as soon as the birds stopped chirping in my head and my buddy stopped laughing!

I wouldn't own a bike without good handguards, but I'll keep my soft stock levers another day.

Thanks bones and crash for your replies. :)

I think I'll go with the D-flex because they're more in my price range. I like the replacable parts too.

Thanks a bunch :D

yup, acerbis bend like licorice when you drop your rig.

check out rooster or enduro engineering before you make a decision. rooster has a banner ad on TT


Will do :)

Thanks again :D

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