Riding in southwest PA

Anyone live/ride near southwest Pennsylvania? The same old riding spots are getting old quick so I am looking for some new places to ride. Any help would be appriciated.


If your up for the drive, there is two well kept tracks for open riding Tu.,Thurs.,Sat., and Sundays - Near Toledo Express Airport.


My daughter lives in Upper St. Clair. We ride in central OH mostly but over there some. There is some township property we ride on. I've seen several riding on the north side of 279 about 3 miles north of McKnight but don't know where to park. We go to a strip mine near Flushing, OH from Pittsburgh occasionally. Yellow Creek is next on our list.


There are quite a few places in between Pittsburgh and Erie, that is probaly too far though. Let me me know if you want more info.

If you guys are interested in riding in the Steubenville, OH area jump over to the FORBIDDEN XR600/XR650 forum and send a Personal Message to Mr660. He is my brother and rides extensively in the Steubenville area. There is some GREAT riding around there. He also has done a good bit of riding at Yellow Creek in Wellsville, OH (just north of Steubenville on Route 7). I have not been to Yellow Creek, but I here it is good to go with someone who knows the terrain! Good Luck

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