which bar work good for tall rider?

I just got my first dirt bike (convert from 4wheelers)04 WR450F. I am 6'4" and the bars feel to low when I ride standing up. Any sugestions on a set of bars that will work?

I am 6'1" and hated the stock bars for the same reason. I switched to Pro Taper CR High bend, and used the Tusk big bar adapters which added an additional 3/4" of height. This was a huge improvement, but I believe it could still be better. If I had to order a new set of bars, I would stick with Pro Tapers for sure, but I might change bends. I would look for something higher, with less sweep back (to place hands more forward) and also narrower (for the farmhouse door at Starvation Ridge!). You might check out the Pastrana Freestyle Bend or the KX high bend. Ask around on here, I am sure someone has tried them.

Happy hunting! :)

I second the CR High bend. I added those on top of my GPR 2.0. The GPR 2.0 adds 1 1/4 rise to the clamp setup. I'm 6'2" and it's perfect for me. :)

I'm 6'2 andI started with the the cr-his and thought they were still alittle short.I ended up with the windhams they are about 10mm higher and have less sweep.I also got some barrisers that are 10mm higher than stock.


I strapped on the CR Hi as well... much different!

Wish I could be like dd and get the 2.0! :)


I am 6'3", and I go with the Jimmy Button bend. I like my bars as high and as far forward as possible, and this bend works better than any other I have tried.


Kevin Windham bend Pro Tapers with extended bar mounts. :)

Ditto on the Renthal Jimmy Button bend......I am 6'6".

I like them so much I put them on my street bike. :)

Man, I gotta tell you. There is nothing sexier than Pro-Tapers on a street bike.

At the big bike show in Seattle this year, I was drooling on the naked Aprillia and Ducati's. I especially liked the fact that a lot of the parts would have looked just as at home on my WR!

Does this mean I'm strange? :)


Ditto on the Renthal Jimmy Button bend......I am 6'6".

I like them so much I put them on my street bike. :)

Yep, me too. :D Got 'em on my 426, and my street bike.

I'm 6'4. Just put on ProTaper Windham's. Also reversed the the top clamp & used it as a spacer between the top mount & ProTaper mounts. This raises them another 3/4".

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