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DR350 not starting! [even with starting fluid]

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Not sure if this will help, but a puzzler that happened to me. Got my 90 running well last year after I bought it, had some issues. Had been to my lease, dice runs, went great except for my experience level after years away from dirtbikes. Met my buddy at a trail system for a mornings ride. Unloaded bike off the truck, nothing. Not a pop, burp, spit sputter, nothing. I just rode the day before, and ran it to load in the truck that morning. After a few moments of the look of disbelief on both our faces as we both knew the work I put into it, discovered bad connection from plug wire to spark plug boot. Twisted it back on, away we went. Not sure why, just a freak thing. Funnier yet is that when I had pulled the boot to check spark I had some, though weak. But stretch the wire back out to put on the plug, was enough to break connection. Best of luck, hope you get it figured out soon

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