bad gears?

I have read some post's on this site and some of you have talked about your gears grinding and losing teeth. Shifting problems and so on. half of you said that yamaha paid for the repair, the other half said it cost them $600 and up. I am very worried about this. is it a common problem? what years? I haven't had any problems with my bike untill last time I went riding. when I am ideling in the parkinglot I have to try and find neutral, but under acceleration and decceleration it finds neutral too easy. going from first to second I have to go up twice, and vice versa downshifting. I went from second to third and I was unable to get full movement out of the shift lever, when I took off the bike slipped back into second (this only happened once). DO I HAVE A PROBLEM?

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If you have a problem with your tranny you will know. It will pop out of gear all of the time in certain gears. Maybe you are just worried from reading the posts. If you want you could get a magnetic drain bolt to check for any metal from gears etc. in the oil.

I know I have popped out of and into gears on every bike I have owned due to banging the shifter, fanning the clutch and holding the bike wide open.

Thanks man. I appreciate the help.

I just found out my 3rd gear is trashed on my 2000 426. Yamaha has had problems with them. When you put the same gears from a YZ250 into a YZ426 you will have bad things happen because of the torque. Yamaha will not cover mine, will probably be about 1100 bucks if I have it done. If I do it myself will save about 600.

Only happened a few times for me and its quite common on the wr 250f my buddy has. Don't worry about it. Definately get a magnetic drain plug.

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