Triple clamp handguard mount

Who would be interested in Aluminum triple clamp handguard mounts?

I can machine and annodize them, hopfully for around 40$, (less minus annodizing) if I make enough of them.

Does anyone else have a top clamp that clamps from the front, instead of the side like the stock clamp?

I have a TOPAR clamp... bolts in the front

the stock.. and TAG, Applied all seem to bolt from the side.

I can make somthing similar to the fastway, or the GYT-R part,

Or the cheaper method would be a piece of Stainless bar stock that would be formed (bent) to fit, at any angle we choose.

: what angle away from the bars should I start with? Maybe about 10 deg.s

: How far up off of the triple clamp should we go?

Let me know of any common problems?

It should be pretty simple.

I machined out a set for my yz400 with front mounting holes. I made them straight up and 4.5 inches long end to end not hole to hole. They are also machined to fit tight around the triple clamp so the bolts do not take al the stress in a crash. The only problem was the brake line had to be shifted either up or down. But the location of the clap was right on. I would sugest if anything making the mount stick out a little further forward. I used 5\8" x 1" material.

I also made new mounts for the outer part of the guard and had them welded to the end of the guard.

Now the mounts don't give but the guards are tweeked preety good.

I just polished mine with a buffing wheel. They look good and The material was only about 4 bucks.


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