Radiator Guards

Has anyone tried the Devol radiator guards? Do the mount without modification?

How about any other radiator protectors/reinforcers on the market?


I had the works conection guards on my 98 400 but both sides cracked by the mounting hole on the frame.

I currently am running the devol guards and have not had a problem. I feel these guards are better they do not fasten to the radiator at all but go around it. Were the works conection bolt to the outside of the radiator, this lets the radiator suseptable to damage.

I did have to trim the back side of my shroud plastic. It took about 20 minutes to install even with trimming. A sharp utility knife worked fine.


This topic has seen some serious abuse on the WR side.

Click on the link below and you will find all the info you need for one lifetime :)

>>>>Radiator Guards

Thanks guys, going with the flatland.

I run the Devols on my 426. Work great once you figure out how they mount. There is no modifications required to use them. The best too to mount them is a 1/4" drive 8 mm 6" long or longer. Otherwise the bolts holing the guards and radiators on is very difficult to tighten. They fit well and protect great as well.

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