Improving Canadian Exhaust

I Just got a 2001 WR426, insane bike, but was wondering how i could improve the tin can exhaust that comes with the Canadian models. I've looked into aftermarket but they are damn expensive. I was wondering if anyone has tried drilling some holes around the tiny 1 inch hole it already has.

Do you really want to make it louder?

Some riding areas are already clamping down on noise.

I took my MegaMax off and put the stocker back on.

if you really want to improve it, remove it. Dr.d can cure your ailments...spend the loot, spoil yourself


Send me your e-mail address and I will send you pics of the mod you are describing and the mod that I ended up with. The final version is not near as loud as a stock YZF and it improves the WR significantly.

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