s.o.s - clutch prob.

i just opened my clutch basket to replace it with the p.e billet basket and found out that one of the springs under the clutch basket are broken in the end of it. what can i do ? please hurry as i left the cltch open ....

i mean one of the springs is broken in its edge,about 2mm-3mm from the edge. where can i find a new spring? or can i fix it somehow?


Tough one, Have you called around the local shops for a replacment in stock.

If they have it I would say replace it, if they dont have one and need to order, maybe this would help

Depending on where the spring broke (you say 2 - 3 mm)

then go to your local Hardware Shop / Automotivr, find a hardened washer about that thick to replace the broken piece.


Also It is a Suggestion not meaning you would do it.

I personally would get a new one and wait if I had too

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Yes you could put a spacer for a quick fix, but I wouldnt do it with your new basket. If it jacks up it would be much better to screw up the old clutch basket. You could remove 3 of the springs, I am pretty sure there are 6 making only 3 but the clutch would probably slip.

You know it is much better to wait until you get a new spring, while your at it order all new springs since the one that broke and the rest of the existing are all crapped out. Also if you spent the money on a new basket you should just replace the plates as well. I mean a new basket with old plates, old springs and (1) new spring just sounds a little hokie to me.

Good Luck!!

Were there any pieces missing? That could do some real damage if it gets caught behind the basket etc. or in between the plates. I would change the oil and check everything in and around the basket for any wear. Even a small piece of metal could cause a huge headache and a lot of money.

hoonta, nothing missing and its the springs behind the basket, i looked at the partsfish and they sell the whole basket together, i didnt c that i could buy only one spring, where can i get only the springs?

Unfortunatley your going to have to buy a new drive cushion. Thats the part with the springs. I dont think you can buy just the springs, and if you could, you would have to separate the pieces that are riveted together I think. You can look the parts up on Partsfish at www.powersportspro.com/partsfish/login.asp

good luck

dont u think i can find a spring in a springs shop anywhere ? is it a special spring that i need or i can do with same size spring from somewhere else?

Them Bastar(*&(&rdddds :)

shawn, i already separated the two parts that riveted togehter, thats how i found out that one of the springs is broken . i did it to install a new performance engineering billet basket that comes with bolts instead of the rivets... so its open now , i just need a new spring or if u guys tell me that its all right ill weld it...

do u think that a ktm300 uses the same springs? i have a friend with an old ktm basket and i can use his springs....

i want to be sure before ill open it.


Dont even think about it. Unless you find someone with a YZ basket never mix and match.

Never look for a quick fis Gal, These bikes can cost alot if you do it wrong. Thats just the game we choose to play........

Do this right or you will pay later


Welder??? KTM??? WHAT are you trying to do???

Why are you in such a hurry? Patience will reward you with a bike that runs. At the rate you are going you are going to destroy your bike and could possibly hurt yourself in the process.

Well I wish you the best of luck :)

Ditto on Hootna

This reminds me of Kung Foo

Try to snatch the clutch spring out of my hand


But Why master when I can get one from the ground in a junk pile


Ahh Foolish Grass hopper becouse you neva know what evil can come with mix and match

I had the bolt back out on my hinson basket because the previous owner must not have used enough lock-tite and did a number on my gears in the left side cover.

I called hinson and of course he sold me a new basket but I told him that the springs and the retainer was gone and he gave me new springs and retainer with the new basket, The only thing I had to use was the gear and it was ok.

What I'm getting at is call PE and see if they have any springs so you don't have to buy a new basket, Like I thought I was going to have to do.

Hinson has a heavy duty retainer that they use with their baskets or you can use the stock one.

good luck

MXcowboy may have a good idea, if Performance Engineering doesnt have a spring set, call Hinson. Those guys are super cool. Whats it like in Isreal these days?

the situation is not good shawn, almost every day we have a suicide bomber, either in a bus or a shoping mall or a restaurant. u cant imagine how this guys are acting, i think they r on drugs,and most of them are 18-24 years old. they told by their religious guys that if they kill themselfs among israelies the will recieve 70 virgins in heaven....

what do u think?

everyday about 5-10 israelies die by a suicide bomber or by snipers, now our army is getting in inside their towns , i hope it will help...

im going to the army on the 22nd this month and i want to enjoy my bike before i leave...

do u guys know what r the characteristics of the springs? i found a springs shop that might help me. and if not i can get a wr400 clutch basket - do u guys know if it the same springs?

I believe Shawn is right. You'll probably be stuck buying a new Yamaha part. You should think about returning the PE unit and updating to a 2001 Yammy clutch basket. That way you get a better basket (maybe not beter than the PE unit, but it is complete) than the 2000 unit. I had Yamaha warranty my basket and I've had no problems (with the basket) since. Also none of the grabbiness that the old basket had. Good luck!



You have an engine that is spinning at high RPMs and that is not a good thing to be playing with untested parts. I am sure that you could find a spring somewhere that would probably work, but if that spring for some reason fails it will send pieces through your engine destroying your clutch basket, case, seals etc. I dont know where you are going to find the parts you need in Israel as motorcycle shops may not be as plentiful but if you go to Yamaha of Troy they have a parts schematic.

Heres is a link to a 2000 clutch assembly:

Find the part you need and order it. I am sure you could have it there in a week.

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