s.o.s - clutch prob.

you cant be serious friends, there must be a way to get a new spring somewhere...

its not a part that made only for yamaha clutch,

anyway can i weld it or stretch it if i wont be able to find a new one?

what can be the cause for the broken spring? it seems like a very strong one...





Its broke its broke

Eh GAD gal

Stop Please your killing me

Listen to Hootna and Shawn

Oh Myyyy Goooooood

Did I just say that :)

Glenn hit it on the nose, Take it bake and update to an 01

Sorry about the bad news. Hootna is right. I know it's not what you want to hear, but better to take care of it now the right way, than go with some questionable fix that may cost you big$$$$$$$ later.

I'm going out on a limb here. I would _guess_ that the WR springs are probably not quite as strong as the YZF springs, however if you're going into the military on the 22nd and you want to ride until then, then it may be enough to get you by until then. I don't know the potential problems related with running one spring lighter than the others but it's got to be better than running with one completely missing spring. Normally I would say get the right spring, but if you're facing the military in a few days then do what you have to do. I wish you luck and I hope the situation cools off for you soon.

i have some extra barnet clutch springs.if you pm me with your mailing address ill send you a couple.

by the way it doesnt hurt to use clutch mix clutch spring that have different tensions.i use 2 barnett springs and 3 stock springs on my bike.all barnett springs made clutch to stiff and stock springs are just a little soft.when mixing to diferent tension springs you want to use criss cross pattern to keep presssure plate tension even all the way around.

[ April 11, 2002: Message edited by: freestyle111 ]

hi freestyle, we r talking about the springs on the back side of the clutch basket not the clutch springs that hold the plates in the front of the clutch.

sorry,i misunderstood post.

I misunderstood too, sorry about that. In that case I'm not sure what that spring does so I don't really have any good information... :)

thats ok , my mechanic didnt know about this springs also. he said he never knew that u can open the back of the clutch basket, and was surprized from the billet clutch unit....

btw problem solved, im getting a new spring from kyle at performance engineering. thats guys for the help , u r the best

Replace the basket with a new one from Yamaha just to get the back gear and cushioning assembly.

Do not Try to rig it with a new spring . This gear \cushion spring assembly is what broke on my 426. gear broke into 3 pieces. broke cases $1600. wait for parts and do it right.

what do u mean rakito?

whats wrong with a new spring from p.e . a one that they took from another stock yamaha clutch basket?

Nothing wrong with using one out of another basket as long as it has the same tension as the other springs.

I'd still replace as an assembly though and bolt it to a "Hinson" basket.

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