WR Questions

Don't have a WR, but am considering looking for one in the off-season and have a few questions. What years had what engine size. I see that there are 400, 426's and 450's. Which years had the electric start? Are these bikes able to be dual registered in CA? I know you cannot do it any longer, but would look for one that is already done. Are any year red sticker bikes? Pros, Cons???? Thanks guys!

as I'm from oz, I know stuff all re CA rego. The electric start models are the 03 and onwards 450's. In america, the 00 426's had steel valves, and the 01 and 02 426's had titanium valves. There are some issuses with the e-start on 03 450's, but there is plenty written about that in other threads. I have a 01 WR and love it :) The gearbox is probably the only 'con' I can think of at the moment. You don't seem to hear of many gearbox problems with the earlier 400's.....maybe they were stronger back then, or maybe the 400's didnt stress the box as hard as the 426's do...either way they are still a great bike.


From our Kaliforniastan members it will take an act of congress to dual sport the WR450's. :)

dont buy a 2003








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