throttle lock

Down at the nearst Smith and Wesson Dealer :)

i prefer remmington :)

If it were legal to get a 50 cal I would

its sad twisting a throttle had to come to this :)


your best bet would be not to piss people off..

What I do is remove the handlebars after every moto. My throttle is never twisted. it only takes 10-15 minutes and I know I can shave some of that off with practice because look at nascar, 4 wheels and fuel under 18 seconds....Give it a try

Another thing is buy a enclosed trailer and load it up after each moto but then they would think your trying to hide something and protest you...

If your serious Doug Henry used a velcro strap around the brake and throttle. At least prevents UNIENTIONAL twisting and makes alot of noise if they undo it.

Fox had a good idea, but somebody pumpin you thumper full of fuel? that sucks. gotta find that jackass and make HIM kick it till it fires!

After 4 years ridding my thumper I finially had someone try to twist my throttle 2 weeks ago. I was able to catch him before he could do any damage. And that was just because he wasn't aware of the potential flooding problems. other than that I have had no problems with this, at the track or the trails. Maybe you need to be nicer to your fellow racers.

i just drilled a small 1/8 in hole thru everything,(grip,throttletube,bars)and put a cotter-pin in it (not bent of course!!)

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Yes White Brothers makes a throttle cover for our bikes. I just saw it in the catalog under the accessories section. It is like 10 bucks or so...

lol....i AM being nice, just dont want to take chances :)

i heard of a someone manufacturing a throttle lock for when your in the pits and ya cant trust your opposition to not turn the throttle and ruin your day. does anyone know if there is one being made or how to rig one up or where i can purchase one? :)

hey man your just paranoid you need to calm down a bit ok ... just remember there out to get u!!!! ha ha

Man this is soooo funny

It reminds me of an old Chi-Wawa we had, man you get anywhere near her food or bone, and


Have we gone this far :D


THEY ARE!!! i hear em plotting in the pits :)

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