Is it time for a newer bike?

I was just wondering how long will my 98 wr 400 last me?

I perform all the regular maintenace and take good care of it.I just have been seeing a few bikes for sale lately 01's,02's03's for decent prices.Question is -sale a perfectly good bike wich I have put a quite a bit of money into and got it set up just how I like it and have no commplaints with- plenty of power, starts first kick, etc. To get a lower mileage more advanced newer machine? I can't afford nothing to new

(baby on the way)I don't see very many people with 98's

on this board :lol:Input appreciated :)

If it is not broke do't fix it. :)

Should last you 10 years if you take care of her. :)

Don't get caught up in the "keep up with the Jonses" mindset. The guys with the older bikes may not post as much because they have them perfectly dialed in like you do. Put away a bit of cash each month and in a few years you will buy the new best thing when it's time to retire the trusty steed. WR Dave.

I have a 99.Is that old enough? :)

My 99 is awesome and wouldn't even think about getting rid of it right now. The more I ride it, the more I like it. Great power and reliability. Always starts and has never left me stranded.

My 98' has been great. I bought it used about 2 1/2 years ago. I ride the heck out of it almost every weekend. My neighbor and I were just talking about that last night. He has an 04' WR450. We both think my bike has more power than his, the only thing it lacks is the magic button. Anyway I've never had any problems with it, it has never left me stranded. I would hold on to it, unless you have money to burn.

I have an average modded 2000 WR400. Last year I rode a friends mostly stock 2003 WR450 with a pipe and jets. The ONLY thing that really stood out was the seating position improvement. The rest, including the electric start was not worth the $3000 or more it would cost me for a new one.

I buy a new bike every year or two. I don't put much aftermarket goodies on them. I usally get most of what I paid for the bike when I sell it. If you hold on to long to the bike the value drops.

Thanks for all the replies.I was hoping that those were the kind of responses I would get :) as I am perfecly happy with my bike. I will do as wr_dave suggested and put away a little $ for when the time comes to upgrade. I am so amazed at these bikes and how well they last and perform.

Although beezers plan seems to make sense :D but I seem to get a little attached to my rides and have a hard time letting them go :D

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