01 Oil Change (strainer) Question...

Ok..I'm ready to do the first oil change on the beast...Question is how often do you pull the skid plate to clean the oil strainer..Knowing me I'll want to do it every time but I realize that might not be necessary...

Steve 01 YZ426F

Steve, the first couple of times after initial breakin are the most important. After that maybe a couple a time a year.


You shouldn't have to pull the skid plate to change the oil (no "strainer" under there)?????? Warm the bike up, pull the drain plug crankcase (should be accesseble through the hole in the skid plate) then get a bucket to catch the oil that will shoot and I mean shoot, out of the drain on the frame. Check your owners manual for the location of the oil filter in the sidecase, pull the filter, inspect for tears, clean from the inside out using brake or carb cleaner. Wait for the filter to air dry (do not used compressed air), re-install. Re-install the drain plugs, fill with 1.7 qts of your favorite oil. Start run for a minute check level while sitting on flat ground with the dipstick NOT screwed in.

Ride hard.....


Yes there is a frame strainer on an '01. I checked it the first few times I changed the oil. Nothing ever in it. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Now, I just do it once in a while. Approaching 100 hours on the bike ...

02's have them as well. The go back up into the frame. I read the book and asked the guy at the local shop and he hadn't ever heard of it either or ever cleaned it. I checked it a couple of times after that and it was always fine so I don't look anymore and just concentrate on the oil filter.

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If you have an Air gun "Like I Do :D "

The puppy comes of like right now :)

As much metal particles and clutch material I had in my oil when I changed it I never had much of anything in the frame strainer. I was using Yamaha 10w50 Semi synthetic racing oil. Yo steve there's gonna be alot of metal in the filter on the first couple oil changes It'll look scary but the dealer and everyone say it's normal.

The cause is flashing on the edges of the gears, Yamaha doesn't deburr them during manufacturing. I talked extensively with shop foreman from three dealers about it the all said the same problem with the flashing.

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