Wanted Excel Front Rim

Hope any one have an extra rim, cause mine is f%@ked.... :)

there was one on e-bay today, do a search for "excel" it's there. jimbo

Victor, I have my stock exel off of my old 2000 model, I have the rim only, nothing wrong with it but it is USED, let me know if i can help,

Norman K.

you can buy a excel rim for $100 and have it laced and trued for $50.i doubt you can buy a complete wheel for for under $300.

I am pretty sure I bought an EXCEL front rim for 85$ from www.onoffroad.com and it was a Black anodized which are usually $10 more than a silver. May want to give them a call.

Thanks to every one, i checked onoffroad.com and there's a silver one (not black, not blue :) ), but is 118... of course plus shipping.

Also checked at ebay and i saw two but one is in canada, and the other left 5 days.... :D

Hey Norman how much are you asking for what i need? :D

That is strange I bought my RIMs from ONOFFROAD I still have it written down on a note at the office here and $95 under it. Maybe it was because it was a 20 inch rim but wouldnt think it would make a difference. Sorry I steered you the wrong direction.

Yeah.... that's why.... i need a 21 inch... thanks pal

Ya viste en la bronca que te vas a meter con lo del rin, no es tan facil, vas a necesitar que lo armen y aqui va a estar bien cañon que alguien lo haga bien, te va a convenir mejor comprarlo todo entero ya con todo y rayos, pero si no pues juegatela con los de HONDA ! :)

Celula !

Victor, give me your address, cheap enough??


if you need someone to lace and true your rims here's you go: Kelly Moss [408]254-0440 San Jose,ca. this guy is the best.he just laced up a set of excels with talon hubs for me a few months ago.he only charges $50 per wheel [laced and trued]+shipping.

My rim is still dancing lambada..!!! :)

Victor, I have a good excel rim, with the tire, hub, and bearings. I will ship it to you for $210. It is for a 2000 yz 426. The tire has about 90% tread left. I guarantee satisfaction on my stuff, or ALL your money back. Thanks, Craig Graham.

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