Floating Front Brake Disc

Hey TTers,

I did the usual TT search for my question with only one result from the YZF side of the house; Numpsy is seeing the same thing that I’m seeing, but he got no responses that said "yes, it's supposed to be that way, don't worry about it" or "no, it's broken, don't ride until you get it fixed". He just got a lot of stuff about floating disc theory like vibration reduction, the allowance for swelling when the disc gets hot, and stuff like that…so I’ll give it a another go…

I noticed this weekend while out on a ride that if I apply the front brake, while stopped, and push/pull my WR426 forward and back (or compress the forks and let off), the floating disk has a lot of room to move; it actually feels like a small "klunk" in the front end (even though I know its the play in the floating disk system, it still doesn't feel "normal").

Is it normal to have noticeable play?

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Hey there Scalus,

I have a 320mm floating rotor on the front of my wr/yz. When you say clunking... how noticeable is it? Is there actually movement when yolu do that? You really should not have any significant movement on the rotor if you are puming the forks "UP" and "DOWN" whilst on the front breaks. Think about it, up and down.... Free floating discs will feel movement side to side more than up and down.

I would have them checks by someone who knows alot about these.

Good luck.


Hey Mitch,

That's what I assumed (that there should be very little play) but if I'm holding the brake on, I can see the hub moving forward and back as I push & pull. I'm sure it's only millimeters of play where the disk connects to the hub, but it sure seems like a lot at the outside diameter of the tire.

I'm going to stop at the Yamaha shop on my way home from work and check-out the WR/YZF sitting on the showroom floor.


Hey Sclaus my 01 wr426 did the same thing even before i took it for the first ride. seems ok and hasn't got any worse after 200 klms let us know how you get on with your dealer


Tony Montana

I noticed this on my 2001 WR before I rode it, also. Have not had any problem, have about 350 miles on it. Can't tell you if it is normal or not, though.


You should have bought Eric's 99. Now your stuck with that pile that clunks! :D:):D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Well...I just returned from the Yamaha shop and the new WR & YZF both have the same amount of play in thier floating front discs that I do...so I guess, no problem.

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