WR426 roadracer.... all finished! (pics)

well..the pic insert didnt work.

How does that thing compare to the TZ250 engine that was in the bike? I bet that thing is a blast. Are you racing a singles class?

It was a lot of fun to ride. Was like a tractor coming out of the turns. Only used 4th and 5th gear the entire track (Roebling Road in Savannah - 2.0 miles 9 turns). Geared 15/38. Of course the WR is a lot slower than the TZ engine down the straight. But, I was able to draft a Duc 750 air cooled twin) and kill him in the turns. I'm racing WERA clubman and D-superstock which allows just about anything for a single. Was beat by a Aprilia 250 in one race and a tricked out 80hp EX500 in the other.

more to come...

Where did you get that gorgeous Aluminum box section frame from your TZ250 you retired? That bike must weigh under 300 lbs! Beautiful project! That is a hell of an undertalking! How does it compete since the 250 2 stroke class is gone in AMA racing? :):D :D

Very cool. I remember you posting about your project months and months ago and wondered how it turned out. Have you done all the free mods to the motor? What type of top speed are you getting out of the bike?

Thanks guys! Yes, it was a major undertaking. I couldnt have done it alone. Had a local guy help me that has done other hybrids. The TZ chassis came from New Zealand. Cheap enough...and the WR came off ebay. I'm way past the free mods. 44mm lectron and 450 cam. blue and gray wire long gone. :)

next is porting!

f-ck that looks like alot of fun. i want one.

oh yeah... i had a smile the entire time. Just found out that my throttle wasnt opening the slide all the way. more top speed!

You want one? Ok.... $10,000 and I'll build you one. Seriously though, I'm starting a new cutom bike business.


i would build it my self. isnt that the point?.unless your richer then me {witch isnt hard}.

do you have any other pics of it? like the finished bike with no body work?


Jason, that thing is sweet! Derek Bennet told me about it yasterday. He said that was the sweetest hybrid he had seen and I must agree now that I have seen it, too. How did Blashfield's Hawk/CRF do? I'm Stumpy at WERA, too BTW.

David Dantzler

I had more top end than Matt's CRF450/hawk. But, he was running a stock carb. I have a 44mm Lectron (up from 39mm). I've got some naked shots of it now. ..the bike, not my girl friend. :)

Also, my bike is 235 lbs wet. Matt's is probably 40 lbs heavier.... if not more.

235lbs! Wow that is light! fantastic project. Good luck racing her. Keep us posted of your results. :)

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