Chain rub plate eating swingarm !!!

I know there has been a lot of discussion about how the 2000 model chain rub plate eats away at the swingarm due to the chain slap. I have been monitoring my swingarm and sure enough there is a grove beginning to form!! I remember the cheap fix was to apply reticulated foam or weather stripping between the rub plate and swingarm. I'm very anal and I would rather perform a more scientific fix. Did someone mention that the 01 or 02 rub plate was constructed different and would fix this problem and it would fit on the 2000 model?

The 01' and 02' bikes still have the same problem. Why dont you just cut up and old inner tube and put that under there (you cant even tell, if thats what your worried about) It is a simple fix and only takes like 20 mins. Later,


[ April 10, 2002: Message edited by: motoman393 ]

The 2002 chain rubber is different, but it still sucks. I went with the TM designs Chain buffer. It made of solid teflon. It fits well and is tuffer than nails. I had a nasty chain slap at first, then I adjusted the chain a tad tighter, quieted alot. Someone else here suggested using automotive goop beneath the chain buffer. Im going to do that this weekend. Should cure the noise. But in short, stock units are weak at best.

My swingarm doesn't have railroad type groves in it like the picture on Motoman's site. On the under side, my rub plate has two square shaped sections that are raised and lay against my swingarm. The swingarm has indentations to match those raised areas. Was my swingarm manufactured like this, or is the rub plate making these indentations?

Yes my swingarm on my 2000 also had the same problems, I am assuming these square grooves are caused from the chain block. I ended up putting a thin rubber adhesive mat under the block and I also pressed the hat washers in a vice like motoman has suggested on his site...

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