HELP PLEASE! Will 99 YZ400 Radiator fit 01 WR426????

Did a search and couldn't find the answer to this. I picked up a used radiator from '99 YZ400 for $100 to replace the left side radiator on my 01 WR426 which is trashed. I checked out part numbers for both the 99 yz and the 01 WR (99 YZ #5BE-1240A-00-00, 01 WR #5JG-1240A-00-00). The part numbers are identical except for first three digits which I assume are used to denote the actual YEAR of the bike which part is intended for. Can anyone confirm this for me??? Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.

I DO know the rad shroud mounts ARE different. You may have to improvise to attach your shrouds. Don't know about the radiator to the frame though... :)

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