Looking at this bike again....

OK, so I was set on buying a KDX 220 but now I'm thinking on getting a WR400 or 426. The reason being that I would like to beable to ride it to work from time to time. However, I know that would require that I change tires as a dirt nobby would burn up real fast on the highway. Anyhow, what I'm curious about is, are these bikes cut out for riding down the highway say 15 miles one way and also, is changing tires a hugh hassle?

I would not change tires for 15 miles. The Knobbies should be able to handle it up to 60 mph with higher tire pressures and careful riding. Get some good dual sport tires like Pirelli MT18 & MT21 that are made for mainly off road with some street. :)

I agree with Indy on using a Pirelli MT 21 great dual sport tire. Wouldn't ride knobbies for any length of time, I burned one up on the highway.

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