what is a better bike

Thanks RIDEPATE...

I'm 100% sure it's true!!


I agree that the CRF is lighter and a bit more manageable when the going gets tight...just a bit though..But I think the "areas" that Honda chose to shave the pounds is what will prove down the road to be the most problematic for this model year.


Yup..The KTM is a great bike..A guy we just started riding with has the 520..They're expensive to buy, to fix..and at times parts availability comes into play..He's waiting on the 03's..mainly the CRF and Yamie's YZ450..


I am happy to say that I never had any mechanical failures or problems with any of my YZF's. I really think they are bulletproof. I have been on my CRF for a couple months and I hope it remains as reliable as my YZF's were!

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but there kicking ass in the SBK

Pretty sure the only ass they kicked was their own- Right back to Luigiland. They pulled the rip-cord so to speak :)

Yo Steve your somethin else man.

Why choose a steel tube frame over a 4TH generation race proven Aluminum one??

The CRF is more like a two stroke because it doesn't have the heavy engine braking like th 426.

Piston-- the CRF's piston is basically skirtless this alows for a shorter rod length and the result is less reciprocating mass and less friction end result more power.

Oil----- you stated that you just did your first oil change, youv'e got a long way to go.

the oil I used was "SEMI" synthetic 10 w 50 R which is also recomended by yamaha.

I didn't have any excessive clutch wear after a YEAR OF HARD RIDING other than the 5 inch gear in back of the clutch basket blowing into three pieces and breaking the case etc.

The CRF has more usable power than the 426 rather than just a peak power number which is only 3 higher at 58.

My story with Yamaha is this ----- 6 grand to buy, $600 repair for 5TH and third dog teeth. Counter balancer crank gear threw a tooth. $1000.

3 months later the clutch failure. keep in mind these are MAJOR FAILURES!!!!!!!!! The clutch failure would have been $1600 if I kept it but I negotiated a trade with the dealer for the CRF

After numerous calls to yamaha I got no where.

What really pissed me off was that they didn't even want to take a report on it Vin # etc. They had my money what do they care.

Don't they want to know what parts have failed in the feild to make improvements?????

I'm not giving any more money to a company who doesn't care about quality and customer satisfaction period.

------- Now you guys should understand where I'm coming from.

By the way I'm not changing My signature post.

Steve you're in Jersey we should ride I'm ten minutes from th DEl Mem. bridge.

Ride Pate why do you have a 10 ounce weight on your crank I guess you feel the hit was harsh too!!

Take me out of your signature !!! personal attacks are not permitted on this site.

Funny thing is you don't even have a 426.


Oil changes..Yes! I do have many more changes to go on my 426..and I will continue to do "ALL" the work & maintenance necessary on my bikes just as I have been doing for "many" years now..Keep in mind Danny Boy that if you should continue to purchase these fine "RACING" motorcycles you should learn how to wrench them as well so you don't have to pick up the phone to call Yamaha/Honda or your dealer every time you have a problem..These bikes are made to race man and require much tweeking, maintenance & repair..Go buy an XR if you're not comfortable/capable with tools in your hand dude! And don't think for a minute your problems are going to end because you now own a Honda..These bikes are sold without a warranty for a reason (actually with Yamaha you get 30 days...that's 30 more then Honda) because they are what they are.."RACING BIKES"...

And I would absolutly "love" the opportunity to meet up with you..on your own track..in Delaware and demonstrate to you once and for all your short-comings as a owner/rider. I think this is necessary at this point for you to be brought back into prospective..I have no problem at all jumping in my truck with Yamaha..AND "TOOLS"..in tow and riding a couple hours to show you first hand that it's "not" the Honda that's going to roost me...You're gonna have to do it!!! And Dan my man...that just ain't gonna happen dude!!

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Most of you in this.......going nowhere post need to clean up your language!

Stop the personal attacks and try to stay on topic.

We all love the type of bike we ride and some have riden all different types of bikes. When it comes down to it. There is not one person on this site or on planet earth, that is riding his bike to it's potential.


I would have done this under most circumstances via PM but, since you have made it public. Remove any reference to another member, good or bad, from your signature.

Enough :)

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